Tuesday, June 02, 2009

10 Things We've Learned about Lily

Our little Lily came to live with us on Sunday...a bright spot to a crappy day. She is already giving us a run for our money (and her big brothers, too). Here are 10 things we've learned about her in the short 48 hours since she joined our family.

1. She is stinkin' cute. As in the pouty look from her eyes with the drooping Cocker Spaniel ears you can't say no or call me "bad girl" too many times cute.

2. She learned how to climb stairs in less then 24 hours. Yes, we are in trouble! She is only 8 weeks old and it took Tomas until at least until he was 12 weeks to figure stairs out.

3. She is definitely a "cocky" Cocker...all piss and vinegar and sassy to boot.

4. Lily LOVES bling. She regularly tries to chew my e-ring, earrings, necklace, and her Dad's watch. I wonder if that goes along with her pick pocket abilities as demonstrated at my last meeting with her.

5. Lily doesn't play nice on the playground. She pulls hair. Hard. She even gets her razor teeth around A.R.'s short hair and pulls it.

6. She is a bed/couch space hog. We've been suckered into letting her onto both the couch and our bed to sleep to stop the pitiful whining. I know, it's sad and bad for training. But. She makes it a point to spread out as much as possible once on said bed/couch.

7. Like her Dad and big brother, Tomas, she likes electronics. I am typing this blog from Alexi's desktop because she chewed through my laptop power cord today and my battery pack has been dead for awhile and won't hold a charge. We've ordered a new power cord to tide me over until Santa brings me a MAC.

8. Lily has an uncanny resemblance to her big brother, Tomas, in so many ways. The way she sits, plays, wiggles her whole butt instead of just her stub of a tail when she's happy, "play growls" at you to get your attention, lies with her back legs stretched behind her, sleeps. It's kind of freaky how similar they are!

9. She already respects the king of the home, Sebastian the cat. He already swatted her and now she runs from him. I can't get a picture of the two of them because she keeps her distance.

10. Lily loves belly scratches. Loves. Scratching her belly puts her to sleep.

Alas, when I get my power cord or figure out where the USB port is on A.R.'s computer I will download and post some pictures and videos of our little Lily. Until then, I must say that she has already won over our hearts. She is quite a little girl. I hope Sebastian grows to accept her and stops pouting at me and Tomas learns to love her even as she grows.



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