Monday, June 22, 2009

Adventures in Gardening- Part 2

The tomato cages are up (on the left with white tags)
I will start adventures in gardening the second installment with a funny story. I am terrified of snakes. I can't even see them on the television without cringing and fumbling for the remote control to change the channel. I was causally preparing the next mound of dirt to plant the last of my seedlings (carrots) when I grabbed what I thought was another clump of old grass roots. I mindlessly threw it behind me only to notice from the corner of my eye that it moved. I looked closer to discover a garden which point I screamed, dropped everything, and ran. As I was shivering with the heebie jeebies my husband saved the day and went into the garden to save me from the "mean" 6-inch long snake. I have been back in the garden since, but I am MUCH more careful where I stick my hands. I know garden snakes are harmless but I'm still sceeved out.
The bean poles are up!
This week my beans have really taken off growing, so I bought some stakes from Ocean State Job Lot and set them up. A.R. and I also set up the tomato cages and discovered I'm two cages short. I really hope we get some serious produce with all the time, money, and work we are putting into this garden. We also added two watermelon plants into our garden along with the row of carrots I planted.
The butternut squash blossomed!
Yesterday, I noticed from our window some flower blossoms in our garden. My butternut squash is blooming! I love squash and I'm so glad it's growing well. I just hope the tomato plants catch up...I've been craving home grown tomato sandwiches.


C said...

I'm so jealous, I was going to plant a garden this year but then we moved into an apartment.. :(
and I hate snakes too and would run from one of any size!

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