The Wedding

"Would you dance with me if I asked you? 
Would you share with me, as you said?
Another brief waltz into fancy as together, forever, we wed." 
~Poem used on our Save-the-Date magnets

A.R. and I were wed on September 6th, 2008 in a beautiful Catholic ceremony attended by our families and close friends.  Our formal pictures were taken at the local City Hall and our reception took place at a fabulous local private golf course with a giant window overlooking the rolling hills in Connecticut.  Tropical Storm Hanna joined us in time for the reception, but she didn't put a damper on the celebration inside.  We have a great story to share with our kids one day of how their parents braved their way back to the hotel wedding suite in a Tropical Storm and then relived our wedding day while eating leftovers from the reception hall in the dark because the hotel was on generator power.
"He took her hands and said, "Let's Dance.
If not for a moment then forever by chance."
~Poem used on our wedding invitations