Monday, December 30, 2013

Let It Snow!

It seems like this winter is going to be one of THOSE winters with snow every few days. I know one little girl who is thrilled about it and it isn't me! It started last Tuesday with the first few inches we received and continued with another 4-5" on Saturday. We're expected to get another storm tomorrow with a few more inches. Ugh. Why do I live in New England again?!

Alas, I will try to enjoy snow through the eyes of my child because M is thrilled by the snow and I'm on maternity leave with nowhere to go.  After Tuesday's storm she ran through the house singing, "I lub snow! I lub snow!" Over and over. Tuesday had the perfect snowman snow, so I got the boys down for their naps (finally!) and took M outside. I even got a little sad that she's big enough now her snow suit doesn't leave her an immobile statue. 

Our first snowman wasn't a bad attempt. I was informed by M that we need carrots and a hat on hand at all times now. Of course by the time I scrounged up some alternatives to the sticks I used, our poor snowman fell over. Note to self: don't put the base of snowman on our hill. She wasn't too disappointed when I bribed her out of the cold with hot chocolate. 

After the second storm, we took E out in the snow with us. He was NOT a fan. He pouted the whole time and had this disgusted look on his face. I think it was just too deep for him and he can't move well in his snow suit. I even dragged out the tobagen and pulled the kids up the snowy drive way and he was not impressed. Maybe next year when he's bigger he'll like it?!  Note: the tobagen was my mother's when she was a girl and both my older brother and I also grew up with it. 


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