Thursday, December 13, 2012

I like my mother-in-law

I came across this article in my Parenting magazine and I thought I'd share it here.  I know so many people that are always complaining about their in-laws complete with an eye roll and exasperated sigh, that I found it refreshing that someone actually wrote about liking her mother-in-law (although not at first).  I can't say that I've ever gotten naked in front of my mother-in-law besides an ocassional boob show while breastfeeding my littles, but I do love my mother-in-law and feel very lucky to have her in my life.  I'm thankful that she raised her youngest son to be the man he is today and I plan on learning her techniques as I raise my own son to be a gentleman.  She has loads of experience having had four boys who are all wonderful men and like the author, I did marry her youngest son.

The article

We struggle with a language barrier, but it's getting better as I learn more Spanish (along with my daughter) and she learns more English.  My mother-in-law can usually understand me quite well, but has a hard time responding back in English and it's the opposite for me.  I often wonder if we'd be closer if I was fluent and I make a pact in my head to be better at learning her language.  My sisters-in-law are great about translating when they are around and my mother-in-law and I have formed our own way of communicating about the Littles since she is our daycare provider, but I hope to one day be able to pick her up and go on a shopping trip and carry a conversation without any awkward silence.  I want to be there when she shares her recipes with my daughter (her only granddaughter thus far) and teaches her how to work the grinding machine for her famous pasteles.  I'm hopeful that when these days come and I understand what she's muttering about me under her breathe, I still love her as much as I do now!

When A.R. and I told my mother-in-law that we were getting married she broke down in tears.  I thought it was because of me (you know I'm a far cry from the traditional Puerto Rican girl I'm sure she envisioned for her youngest son), but I was oh so wrong.  She loves me as a daughter and as I watch my own little ones grow up I'm fairly certain when each of them tell me they are getting married, I'll cry, too.  She's told my husband many times that I'm a great mother and she's proud of how we raise our children and the fact I make my own baby food and nurse them until they wean- just like she did- that I don't freak out over the little things and I fully believe in the five second rule despite what Myth Busters says.  Thank you, Isa.  Thank you for raising my husband into the man he is today.  Thank you for giving me piece of mind and loving my Littles as your own while I go off to work.  Thank you for accepting me as part of your family and including my family into your circle of trust (ah-hem, Meet the Fockers reference there!).  I hope there are more daughters-in-law out there that realize what a great friend and confidante a mother-in-law can be and learn to love her like I have you.