Thursday, December 05, 2013

18 months Already?!

E is 18 months old today. What?!  It seems like the last year and a half has flown by and yet SO much has changed since he was born. He isn't even the baby of the family anymore though it doesn't seem possible.  E is still little at around 22lbs fully clothed (his official stats won't be until his 18mo appointment on the 19th), but I think he's middle of the curve for height and he has a big ole noggin. He's in 18 month shirts (and has been since a year old) and pajamas and 12 month pants. I think he's long in the torso with short legs. 

After waiting for ages, E's hair is finally really coming in now and it includes some curls!  Sadly, I think they'll be gone after his first haircut which won't be for quite awhile. He still likes his bobo (paci), but we are working on weaning him from it as he bites them in half now. We have one left that is a tougher material so he can't bite through it and it stays in his crib. If he breaks it, we are screwed!!

E can say quite a few words and regularly "talks" gibberish that is so cute as he gets so serious and has the best facial expressions. He is a total jokester. His latest is refusing to call AR, Papa. He'll point at him and say "Mama" and giggle. We correct him and he points again and says, "MamamaMA! Cue another giggle. When AR isn't home he totally says Papa, so he messes with him because he knows it bugs AR! 

He's still anaphylactic to dairy and egg and his next skin test is in March. He eats a lot, but you wouldn't know it with his weight. He's also on Neocate E028 Splash "formula" to make sure he gets the right amino acids and vitamins for proper brain development with his food allergies. We also give him Vitamin D and an additional DHA vitamin. His eczema is better, but he gets patches behind his ears and on his index fingers (from sucking them) often. We had to switch up his bath routine and soaps and lotions to get to this new maintenance phase. We use original Dove bar soap and Free & Clear shampoo on him. For lotion we have Vani Cream and a prescription steroid cream and Epiceram for hot spots. 

He is a boy on a mission and gets into EVERYTHING. We had to do additional baby proofing for him. He climbs. He runs. He copies everything his big sister and older cousins do. My favorite is when he tucks his head and just runs with a big grin on his face. If you hear the pitter patter of his little feet it's usually not a good thing. It usually means he's swiped something and is running away. 

E loves outside and playgrounds and freedom. He's very dramatic when told "no" and has a ridiculously loud cry. He pinches, hits, pushes, and pulls his sister's hair already. They already argue over silly stuff and toys. I have to try not to laugh sometimes. They do LOVE each other and he always worries about her and asks for her when she's in preschool.  He's adjusting to being a big brother slowly. We're working on "gentle" a lot. He gives great kisses and hugs and his laugh is infectious. It'll always cheer you up on a bad day. 

Happy 18 months sweet boy. I hope you keep that smile and never stop laughing. 


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