Thursday, June 04, 2009

Minor Oral Surgery Today

I had one (out of two) skin grafts done today for my lower gums. My brother had the same surgery when we were younger for the same thing. The gums in two spots on my lower jaw are receding to the point where I was in danger of losing some of my teeth which is why I needed the procedure. The periodontist took the skin from the roof of my mouth and stitched it in place where my gums were receding too much. I was supposed to have two skin grafts done today, but he didn't want to take too much skin all at once so he ended up only completing one.

As soon as the numbing meds wore off it was excruciating and if I bend over or do too much standing up the blood rushes to my head and it hurts. Right now I'm on 2 Motrin, but I have Hydrocodone (generic Vicodin) in case I need it. I can't believe I have to do this AGAIN once the first one heals in about a month. :(
The stitches on the roof of my right
I have to say that the surgery itself wasn't too horrible. Getting the shot into the roof of my mouth was the most painful part of the procedure. I felt it all the way up in my sinus! Once I was numb it was smooth sailing besides the fact I could watch and hear everything. Seeing a scalpal head towards you isn't really my cup of tea and it gets a little unnerving when you see your own blood on it (sorry if TMI!). One of the grossest experiences I've had in life was definitely watching my doctor actually sew me back up. I wouldn't have minded being knocked out for that! I told him he should put posters on his ceiling to occupy his patients for that part of the procedure. :)

The skin graft is under this special putty which is like a band-aid.

My lower lip is a bit swollen but I shouldn't bruise and I can still eat soft foods. I had good old fashioned mac & cheese in a box tonight accompanied by homemade mashed potatoes. Mmm, carbs. I have to be careful while eating for a couple of days for the stitches on the roof of my mouth to heal. I'm also not supposed to bend over and exercise excessively to prevent the blood from rushing to my head and I've already learned that lesson. Potty training a puppy while recovering is going to be a challenge!



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