Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our 1st Lawn Mowing

Over the weekend we went to just about every home store shopping for the perfect lawn mower. A.R. wanted a rear-wheel drive, self propelled, push lawn mower for now and once our entire lot is excavated and cleared he'll add in a ride-on. After consulting with the other men in his family (his Dad and two of his brothers) and bringing them to all the stores on Sunday, A.R. brought home a Sear's Craftsman lawn mower and he even found it on sale! I'm so proud of my self-trained bargain shopper.

Yesterday he mowed our yard for the first time! We still have a long road ahead of us to establish our lawn and kill the weeds that are growing, but it really looks like home now. I can't believe how much more it looks like a real yard now. Last year at this time our foundation had just been laid. This photo was taken on June 26th, 2008:

It took him a couple hours to mow the side and rear lawns, but he didn't get to finish the front before the sun set. It was so cute to see him out there in his wife beater with his latest man toy. He was so proud of himself and I think he felt pretty manly after mowing the lawn for the first time ever. A.R. grew up in a home with 3 older brothers and a father so he never had to mow the lawn as the baby of the family. (Spoiled!) I can't wait until our whole yard is established. I think it'll be bigger then we anticipate and have plenty of room for our deck, patio, shed, and one day a play scape for our children. It'll be nice to watch our future children play on our yard one day... :)
A.R. mowing in his wife beater (that's our neighbor's house)

Our side yard all mowed (my garden is in the background)


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