Monday, June 08, 2009

A.R.'s New Throne

He won't be facing Bobby Flay anytime soon for a grilling ThrowDown, but A.R. sure does love his new grill. We stalked it at Home Depot for a month before we finally broke down and bought it. So what that our deck isn't built yet (we have a design layout in mind!) and that our stone patio (complete with fire pit and beautiful path with trellis to our vegetable garden) is probably another good 3-5 years from being started or even fully imagined. A.R. swiped a few stone steps our builder had piled up and made a home for the grill outside our walkout basement for now.

The funny part: we aren't so good at grilling. I swear I think it has to be an art. Either our food comes out blackened beyond recognition or it's raw in the middle and we end up having to finish cooking it inside. It's sad, really, that we suck at using it. I hope by the end of the summer A.R. will have mastered his throne and I can revel in delicious shrimp skewers, kabobs, ribs, and hot dogs that actually still resemble hot dogs when removed from the grill.

He practiced every day for a week before my graduation party to try to figure out the right temperatures and how long to cook various foods insisting that the directions were wrong. Yes! My husband actually reads the directions for his man toys instead of crumbling them into a ball and discarding them as useless. Shocking, I know. Alas, at the party, the tongs were relinquished...ah-hem, taken...from A.R. by his brother who saved the day and the last 1/2 of the pack of hot dogs! My poor hubby was deflated, but he will try again later this week to conquer the grill once again. Let's hope the chicken comes out resembling chicken this time!

Happy summer and happy grilling everyone!


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