Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

I would like to wish my Dad a very HAPPY Father's Day! On days like this I wish we lived closer so I could show my appreciation with more then just a phone call. I think my Dad feels the same way. My dad and I aren't that close but I know he loves me and he knows I love him. I remember the first time I really saw him show how much he cared about me and was proud of was the day I moved out of my parents home soon after I turned 18. He didn't want to help me move my things because he knew it would mean I'd be gone that much quicker.

The first time I saw him cry that I can remember was when he helped me pack up a moving van with all my things and watched me pull away for a new life in Connecticut in October 2001. He gave me the biggest bear hug and hesitated to let go with tears of pride in his eyes. I brushed him off like it was nothing that I was moving 12 hours away and starting a new life and finally going to finish my Bachelor's degree and continue my career. I promised him I'd move back in 3 years after my degree was done, but deep down we both knew I would not be back. He knew I'd find and build a life all my own in my new state.

The next time I saw my dad cry was just before he walked me down the aisle at my wedding September 6th, 2008. He was so proud of me and his new son-in-law. His little girl had finally found her Prince Charming. I still think he sees me as the freckle faced girl with pig tails begging him for ice cream before I ran outside to climb trees and ride my bike with my best friends...and for that I love him. It is good to remember the kid in you.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. Never forget that I love you!


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