Sunday, May 31, 2009

Endings & Beginnings

Today a very important person in my life passed away before my eyes and a few hours later a new life joined our family. It has been quite a day and I am numb, exhausted, saddened, excited, and comforted all at once. Thank you to all my family and close friends for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

One of the strongest woman in my life passed away as the sun rose this morning. My grandmother was widowed at a very young age losing not only her husband, but a son in a tragic car accident. She worked to support the 3 surviving small boys in a day and age where a single mother was virtually unheard of. Eventually she ended up purchasing a tract of land and designing a house for her young family and provided them the best home she could. When my older brother and I were little she showed us the arts taking my brother to countless piano lessons and both of us to plays at a local college (Wheaton College). She babysat us and our two younger cousins, showering us with love and affection and her delicious cooking.

I shared a special bond with my grandmother as I was the best birthday gift she received in 1980. I was born the day before her birthday...the first girl on my Dad's side of the family in over 60 years. When I came home from the hospital she was in such disbelief that I was really a girl that she asked to change my diaper right away. :)

Grandma: I will always cherish the memories we shared. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the laughs we shared, and tears shed. I am so thankful that you had the chance to see me grow up, graduate (not once but 3 times!), marry the man of my dreams, and see photos of the places we have traveled and our beautiful home. I hope you look down fondly on us from above and smile with pride. I kept the yellow Mum you thought was so beautiful in your room and will plant it in our new yard to keep your memory alive. I love you. May you rest in peace in heaven with your husband, son, and sister. You will be greatly missed on this earth.

Eleanor S. T. Born: March 15th, 1922 Died: May 31st, 2009
My grandmother & I back in February 2009 when she was 1st diagnosed.Today was also a new beginning for Alexi and I. After debating and hemming and hawing for awhile we have a new addition to our family. Tomas and Sebastian are now big brothers and we have entered the realm of a two dog household (Eek!). Little Lily joined our family today. She is an American Cocker Spaniel (Tomas is an English Cocker) and was born on April Fool's Day 2009. I debated on whether we should postpone her homecoming with my grandmother's passing, but decided we needed stinky puppy breath and a a few sloppy puppy kisses to cheer us up so we still picked her up as scheduled this afternoon.

When she met Tomas for the first time she was unleashed. She took one look at Tomas, spun around, and ran into the backyard yelping the whole way! LOL, it was the saddest yet funniest thing. Within ten minutes she warmed right up to Tomas and I think before long they will be running us ragged.

Lily checks out her big brother from the safety of my legs:

Big brother meets Little Sister
All wiped out from a busy day (and a total couch hog!)

Here's to new beginnings...


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