Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Have you ever...

...gone a whole day thinking it was actually another weekday? I could've sworn all day long that today was Wednesday, not Tuesday. At various spots throughout the day I found myself planning in my head what I had to do today (my imagined Wednesday) to get ahead at work since I have a short week (PTO...woohoo!) and to prepare for brother and grandmother's arrival this weekend for my graduation festivities. Then I'd snap out of my imaginary day and realize it's still Tuesday and I have an extra day to get everything done. Phew! I must've convinced myself no less then 4 times throughout the day that it was really only Tuesday still.

Today was a rough day for A.R. He found out his first "real" boss, his mentor, and good friend Simone passed away yesterday. We know she is in better place and no longer suffering, but it still stings and A.R. is so forlorn and sad. Simone was diagnosed with cancer shortly after she hired A.R. when he was fresh out of college and has been battling it on and off for at least 5 years that I know of. I had the pleasure of meeting Simone and getting to know her on several occassions. She was a wonderful woman. Kind. Caring. Smart. She treated A.R. like a long lost son (she used to say that he was her son that actually went to college because her biological sons didn't!).

She was invited to our wedding, but couldn't make it because she was awaiting brain surgery and wasn't doing well. I'll never forget the phone conversation A.R. had with her to thank her for the generous wedding gifts she sent to us. I held his hand while he spoke with her before we left for our honeymoon last September. I saw her a few more times when she was visiting at work and she was always so upbeat and constantly saying how proud she was of A.R. Sadly, he had decided to call and visit her one last time just this past Friday, but we never guessed that we would be too late.

RIP Simone! You will not be forgotten. Thank you for taking A.R. under your wing, giving him a career, a long lasting friendship, and treating him like your own son.



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