Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing...Refinancing Our House

Anti-climatic. That was the result of the closing today on the refinance of our new home. This morning I woke up to a frantic voicemail message, left by my lawyer last night regarding the closing on our house. He thought it was going to fall through at the last minute. It turned out to be an error on the part of our lender's payoff department and was resolved within an hour of the office opening this morning. It was weird stepping out into the warm breeze this evening, my wrist slightly sore from signing our names what seemed like a hundred times with no tangible change. I do feel a little proud. A.R. and I are adults now (is it even possible we are old enough to be adults?!) and made a financial move to benefit OUR future. OUR house feels like home now and it is truly ours.

It is also a relief to know that we never have to worry about refinancing anytime soon with the great rate we recieved. This was our second closing on our house in 6 months! Our home is new construction and we purchased it on November 5th, 2008. It's taken almost 6 months for it to feel like OUR home, a place where we'll raise our family, house train a new puppy (more info to come!), decorate to our hearts desire, love each other in, and a place we can entertain and feel safe in. We watched our house grow from a pile of dirt in the ground into something we sleep in every night. It still amazes me when I look at the pictures I took as it was built.

Every time I crest the hill at the top of our street and see her roof appear I feel giddy inside. My have I/we come a long way...from a 1 bedroom apartment down in NC, to a small apartment in a 3-family with a drug abusing landlord in the unit below me when I first moved to CT, to a stab at condo ownership that turned sour quickly (condo associations = nightmare), and from a room in his parent's basement!

Our house is a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2,700 square foot Colonial with walk-out basement and two car garage. It's something we can (and hope to) grow into some day. I love our layout and so far our neighbors are all nice. The construction on our street is not complete and won't be for a few years. There are still 6 more houses to be built on our street. I created a website with pictures of our new home which is a work-in-process as I now begin to decorate and add pictures post move-in. Click here to view.



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