Monday, May 11, 2009

My Fears

I have 3 main fears:
  1. Snakes: They have no legs and slither all creepily. They totally give me the heebie jeebies!

  2. Heights: I never was scared of heights until I went skydiving after my undergrad graduation in 2004. Now, I start shaking or get naseous when I'm up high looking down...even in the luxury boxes at the Hartford Civic Center (I was terrified in this pic!). It just isn't natural to throw yourself out of a plane at 14,000 feet and I'm now scarred for life, I think. When our house was being built and we'd sneak in to see the progress and take pictures and I had to climb up the temporary construction stairs (which builders twice my weight and taller then me run up and down with ease) on my hands and knees because you could see from the 2nd floor down to the basement. To this day I still am a little freaked out to know that there is a gap below our permanent staircase to the basement!

  3. The Dentist: I'm scared of the dentist. I get sweaty palms on the short drive from my office to my twice a year cleanings and have white knuckles the whole time I'm there. I needed two fillings fixed a couple of months ago and I dreaded it for days before my appointment. The sound of the drill....Ugh!

Ok, why am I divulging my biggest fears? Because I have to deal with #3 firsthand next month when I have to have oral surgery. My gums have always been a little too low on my bottom row of teeth and I've already had one procedure (labial frenectomy) on my lower lip and gum to try and slow down the progression. I have to have two skin grafts to two different parts of my lower gums. The skin comes from the roof of my mouth. My brother had a skin graft procedure when we were little so the problem is partially genetic. The doctor assured me the recovery isn't long albeit a bit gross (I might bleed for a couple of days when I try and eat) and I can go back to work in a day. A coworker of mine had the procedure done last month and had an easy recovery, but a friend of mine had it done and was miserable. I'm hoping I have it easy like my coworker! I'm having my surgery on a Thursday afternoon and will work from home on Friday just in case it's worse then I think. Now...I have 3 weeks to wait, worry, and dread the procedure. I hope they give me good meds to calm me down before they start!!



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