Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Round 2

My second Mother's Day was just as fabulous as my first.  I got to wake up hearing my two loves communicating over the baby monitor.  The "conversation" went as follows:

A.R.: Good morning Baby Girl!
M: MA!  ::indecipherable:: Ma MA!
A.R.: Shhh, Mama is sleeping.  Let's let her sleep a little more.  Do you need a dry diaper?
M: Ma! some more gibberish ::giggle:: (A.R. blowing raspberries) ::Squeal::
A.R.: I got your belly! Something in Espanol ending in Mi Amor (my love).
M: Dada ::more indecipherable:: some humming, and then more Dadadada
A.R.: ::starts singing to her::
M: Giggles and squeals and then an "up!"

Okay, you get the picture.  I totally eavesdrop on them on the baby monitor and it melts my heart everytime.  She is growing into such a Daddy's girl even though she always goes to me first when we're separated.  Her biggest smiles are always reserved for her Papa (I like to believe it has more to do with him acting like an idiot to elicit said smiles, but alas when I act like an idiot I get an OMG, Ican'tbelieveyou'rerelatedtome look).  Once their bonding was done I nursed M and then the spoiling began.  While I was nursing her, A.R. placed two cards on my pillow and then sent me back to bed when M was done eating.  I read the cards all snuggled up with M and then A.R. took her downstairs and they started conspiring together to cook me homemade blueberry pancakes (with blueberries I picked and froze last year) and scrambled eggs while I got to catch some extra sleep.  The extra 45 minutes was HEAVEN.  I have no idea why it took 45 min to cook said breakfast and why it needed to involve dirtying every dish in the kitchen, but I don't ask such things and he did clean up!

Mother's Day 2010
After breakfast, we played as a family in the family room and debated going to church. We opted to stay home and relax.  M went down for her morning nap and A.R. and I cuddled on the couch.  I read my Dummies book for my camera and A.R. ended up taking a nap.  When M woke up, we showered and got ready to head out to the park to enjoy the beautiful day.  While we were in the shower the doorbell rang and it was the USPS delivering a package.  On a Sunday.  Who knew?!  A.R. took M to the door with him and they got the package.  He helped her carry it to me and said it was for me.  I was so shocked to open it and find a new lens for my Canon DSLR camera!  He also got a UV lens cover protector, and another item that hasn't arrived yet.  He got me the Canon EF-S 55-250 f/4-5.6 IS zoom lens.  I was in so much shock at his thoughtfulness (he's usually giving me a sigh and the eye roll because I want to take "just one more photo, really quick") and his splurge as I thought my new purse was my Mother's Day gift.
Mother's Day 2011
After the shock wore off I was so excited to play around with it, but I left it in the box and we went out to lunch at our local diner and then off to the park with M.  We pushed M on the swing and she LOVED it and then helped her slide down the slide a few times and took her for a walk.  After the park we headed to Dick's Sporting goods and I got a new gym bag, a knee brace, and A.R. got some roller blades so we can go blading with M and her stroller on the weekends.  Then, we went to our local ice cream place for ice cream (mint chocolate chip with rainbow sprinkles on a sugar cone, Mmmm) and then to my parents-in-law's house for dinner.  We grilled out hamburgers while M entertained us all being silly and running all over the place.  After dinner, we headed home and just played together in the family room and enjoyed each other's company until it was M's bedtime.  I got exactly what I wanted on Mother's Day...quality time with my family and hugs and kisses from both my loves to show their appreciation.  All the rest was just added bonus.  It feels so good and gives me the warm fuzzies to call A.R. and M my family.  I am so blessed.


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