Monday, May 02, 2011

M's 1st craft project

Okay, so it probably doesn't even really count as a craft project and the only participation M played in the making of said "project" was providing her adorable hand print.  I have the guilty pleasure of watching Teen Mom on MTV (it's even set up on my DVR ::embarassing::) and I saw one of the moms take her daughter to a pottery store on her 1st birthday where she could paint some pottery and get her hand print taken to keep for posterity.  I thought it was a cute idea and being a sentimental gal at heart, decided to do this on the first birthday for each of our children.  M was my first victim- er, I mean child.

We do have various stores around town that I could've taken her to, to do it, but instead I opted to buy a home kit that I found at Burlington Coat Factory for a whopping $7.99.  Trying to get a one year old to press their hand in cool, wet clay is no a small feat.  It took three attempts before I was able to do it without her curling her fingers to try and grab said clay.  Once her hand print was in the clay, you mixed up plaster according to the kit's instructions and then poured it in a mold over the clay hand print.  Then, you allow to dry for 24 hours and gently separate the mold from the hand print plaster.  The kit comes with metalic paint in pink or blue and a tiny paint brush to paint the hand with.  I had to add water to the paint as it was a ball of goop when I first tried to paint with it, but it still came out okay.  Last, you attach the ribbon and hang it up.  I hung her hand print in her nursery for now right above the light switch.  It has to be the cutest hand ever and so tiny compared to our hands and I can't wait to show it to her someday. :)


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