Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My First 5k is in THREE Weeks...

I started working out again the end of March after M turned a year old and I didn't have to be overly concerned about my milk supply anymore.  To get back in the swing of things I decided to set some goals for myself to have something to work towards and keep me motivated.  I've always wanted to run (jog) in a 5k race.  In fact, it's one of the items on my proverbial Bucket List.  What a nice way to keep me motivated...I could run in my first 5k and start training for it in advance, so I wouldn't collapse on race day.  Even better.  I would run for a charity that is close to my heart.  I told my brother about my quest and he thought he would capitalize off of my idea to get himself back in shape as well and we could run together on a team either in Boston, NYC, or Hartford.  Now, to pick out a cause...

I wanted to run for a charity that was close to my heart.  Ideally, something related to adoption (for obvious reasons) or to HIV/AIDS.  A relative of mine was diagnosed with HIV in 2009 just before my wedding to A.R.  It was a scary time, but this person has been doing well and is monitored regularly for any signs/symptoms of the virus or disease.  So far he/she is not on the cocktail and has no outward signs of the virus and could very well live this way for a long, long time.  However, it can all change in an instant.  Please never forget that life IS precious.  I want my family member to have a cure and for this, I run.  Fortunately, a friend of mine happened to mention in my healthy living email group that there was an annual race in Boston we should look into that supported HIV/AIDS.  I looked up this year's event info and it was almost like it was meant to be.  The date was perfect (June 5th) and the location was perfect.  My brother is flying in from Florida and we'll be driving up the night before and staying in a hotel just outside the city to be ready on race day.  We call our team the Bucket Listers. :)

As of today, it is three weeks until race day and we're in the middle of our training and fundraising efforts.  I've been reaching out to friends and family and am almost halfway to my fundraising goal of $500.  To donate click HERE.  I'm hopeful that in the next three weeks I can get some more support and meet my goal.  Training is going slow as I still can't run on a dang treadmill.  I used to get motion sick/vertigo on it back in the day and after speaking to my doctor about it and finding nothing wrong in the past, I just had to stop using it.  I thought if I started up slowly I would be able to use a treadmill now, but it was a no go.  After two episodes on it that left me feeling ill for a full 24 hours after the initial onset of symptoms, I gave up.  If I can't run outside I use a bike or elliptical machine.  I've done some training jogs outside and I also started a cross training program through the gym at my work to help build my strength, endurance, and stamina.  I must say that now that I'm in my thirties I sure don't bounce back as quickly.  My hips ache, my left knee (an old gymnastics injury) bothers me, and I really feel the workouts the next day.

On rainy days or days when I skip the gym I workout with Jillian Michaels doing her 30 Day Shred DVD.  M gets a huge kick out of watching her mother bounce around like an idiot.  Jumping jacks are her favorite exercise to watch right now.   She helps me try to do sit-ups by lying across my stomach and during the stretching she tries to copy me (adorable!).  Mostly, she just stands back a little, watching, with a grin on her face and you can totally tell she thinks her mom is an idiot. 

Last week, I got measured at the gym by my trainer to see my progress and I've lost an inch off my waist so far and 4 pounds.  I thought I had lost more inches, but I'm happy with my progress to date.  Getting in shape is a good thing for me and my family.  I don't want to be the fat mom on the playground and I know M will appreciate that!  Plus, it's good to teach her healthy eating and exercise habits.  Anyhow, back to the subject at hand...I run my first 5k in THREE weeks and I need your support!  If you can't donate to the cause come by the race location on race day and cheer us on.  It's also not too late to join us in the 5k, so if you wish to join our little team of two click here.  I have also posted a clickable picture on my right-hand toolbar on my blog page that will bring you to my personal 5k race page where you can donate or join our team.


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