Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mom Purse

My newest love is what I fondly call my new Mom Purse.  I've been wanting to retire M's diaper bag for awhile now and what better way to do that than by paying a visit to my local Coach Outlet and upgrading to a more "Mom sized" purse.  Without further adieu, I now present you with my new side kick from the Ashley line at Coach: 
I must admit that I am not a fan of large purses. I don't have that much in my purse and it's awkward for me to carry them around. My biggest pet peeve with purses is when they slip off my shoulder because the straps aren't big enough (I am not a clutch girl at all). This purse is perfect as it comes with a removable shoulder strap or I can use the smaller straps which also fit over my shoulder.  The smell of the leather on this bag is so intoxicating and it is silky smooth.

My favorite part of this purse is the inside.  I love the color purple, but I wanted a more neutral purse that would hopefully last more than one season.  When I looked inside this one and saw the purple I think it called out, "Buy me! Buy me!".  Even M's eyes lit up when I showed it to her.  Ok, maybe that was just because she saw me and wanted me to pick her up, but the girl likes purse shopping.  I swear!  There are two zippered compartments and two larger pockets that close with magnets allowing any mom easy access to the contents inside be they wallet or cheerios.  It also has two pockets on one side 1) for my celly and 2) for M's sippy cup.  Could it be anymore perfect?!
You will find no buyer's remorse here!  The shoulder straps have been working great and while it is still a bit awkward for me to carry a larger bag around everyday, it's still a million times better than lugging a purse and a diaper bag.  I have two diapers, travel wipes, a couple bibs, toddler snacks (yogurt melts, cheerios, cereal bar, and mini fig newtons), a small tube of diaper cream, and travel size baby powder inside in addition to my usual essentials and there's still plenty of room to spare.  I hope to buy a Diaper Pod (perhaps a Ju Ju Be??) soon to actually put my diaper changing supplies in that can easily slip in and out of my new Mom Purse.  I puffy heart the Coach Outlet store and the extra 30% off I scored on this awesome bag. :)


Selina said...

Ooooh, that is gorgeous!! The purple lining is to die for! So jealous!

By the way, I gave your blog an award! Read about the award here: http://selinaisurbangranola.blogspot.com/2011/04/versatile-blogger-award.html

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