Sunday, April 03, 2011

I love IKEA!

How can you not love this store when you score such cute play things as these for your little one while shopping for more adult things at the same time?!  (See photos below)  M loves to "help" me in the kitchen and she even now has her own drawer that I have been filling with various children's sized pans and utensils.  I scored these adorable pots, utensils, and even a cloth cutting board with accessories from IKEA this weekend.  They are all under the product line named, Duktig.

Breakfast kit (made from cloth for $4.99):

Pots & Pans $9.99:

Utensils $3.99:
The Duktig line also has a coffee/tea set, vegetable set, fruit basket, and dessert set in cloth along with a baking pan set, flatware, and tableware.  It took all my resolve not to walk away with this adorable kitchen set, too!  I think I may try and convince A.R. to go ahead and let me get it (you know, just in case they discontinue it) to put away for M for next Christmas.  You know, thinking ahead and all. :)


Lady New 'Burgher said...

Haha! I LOVE Ikea! It's where JP takes me for my birthday! And their kid's stuff is the absolute cutest!

Emily said...

that cutting board set is beyond adorable.

Mary said...

Love this place too! Elena has those dishes and fake food too.

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