Saturday, April 16, 2011

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

The second book in my book club was Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  The first thing I noticed was that it was almost 650 pages!!  For a working mom that doesn't have a lot of free time to begin with that was pretty intimidating.  I did jump right into reading and definitely liked the idea of the storyline; however, the author used a lot of detail including adding a lot of historical data so at times I found myself getting lost.  It was like I was back in my high school history class with my teacher speaking "Muh, muh, muh" ala Charlie Brown's teacher. :)  Everytime I sat down to read, I'd end up falling asleep.  I don't do good with a lot of historical data/facts/and figures, but I did grow quite fond of the main characters, Claire and Jamie. 

I actually sat down and read the first 300 pages and then I just couldn't keep going (I'd taken way too many naps!), so I skimmed the last 350 pages.  Throughout the 300 pages I did read, I did like the storyline, but there was a bit too much detail.  I had a few favorite characters along the way including Claire, Jamie, Mrs. Graham, and the women who first helped dress Claire at Castle Leoch (her name escapes me now).  Maybe, I liked Claire because that was my maiden middle name?  Nah, I liked her personality that came through the author's writing, her nature, and demeanor.  And I'm sorry, but everything about Jamie in the book just screams HOTTIE!  I loved the idea of Jamie and Claire together and how fitting that she chose to stay with him rather can go back to her "normal" time and Frank.  I loved how the author ended the storyline with Claire being pregnant, too.

Once my book club goes through our list of books, I would consider reading the second book in the series, but I believe I'd listen to it on disc.  An online friend of mine said that Jamie's accent on the CDs is hot. :P  Hearing a hot accent might help the 600 page second book be a bit more bearable if it has just as much detail as the first novel.

Next month's book is: Midwives by Chris Bohjalian
I'm totally bummed that Chris was at my local library (not 5 minutes from my house!) this past Wednesday, but I couldn't make it as I had to play Dr. Mom and wife to M and A.R.  :(


Megan B. said...

I tried reading "Outlander" a few months into this year, and I couldn't get into it. I think I stopped about 25% in on the Kindle. I might pick it up later in the year again though. I hate giving up on books.

Mrs. D said...

Outlander takes a very long time to get into, but it got more interesting in the second half. I almost have up with it but made it through and read the second book in the series as well.

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