Sunday, October 25, 2009

What A Sleepy Sunday...

Today has been a sleepy Sunday for me. My body definitely gets worn out more easily than it used to now that I'm 18 weeks pregnant. Last night we went to a Sweet 16 Masquerade ball which was fun, but it sure wiped me out today! I did have some of the best sleep ever last night, though, and it was good to discover that A.R. and I still have our moves on the dance floor. :) We did a little Merengue and Bachata and it felt great to be dancing together again. I sure hope our little one likes to dance!
Toasting the birthday girl with Sparkling Apple Cidar- YUMMY!
To go along with my sleepy Sunday here are our two peas in a pod snoozing in their two favorite spots. I have yet to catch a shot of them curled up is absolutely adorable when they snuggle together in their beds at night.
Yes, that is our Lily monster ON TOP of the couch. She learned that from Sebastian (RIP kitty!)


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