Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 8: St. Maarten

After the thunderstorms on Thursday night we woke up to overcast skies on Friday in St. Maarten. We had cancelled our tour we previously booked as it wasn't safe for pregnant ladies and decided to just check out the island on our own and do some shopping. Once again we hit up the Windjammer Cafe for breakfast and then headed ashore.

By the time we ate and got outside it had started to rain again (the rain storms were the leftovers from Tropical Storm Erica) so we hailed a cab to the shopping district. St. Maarten looked very much like St. Lucia with the mountainous terrain and was quite beautiful even in the rain. We started to browse the shops downtown on the Dutch side of the island. Within seconds of starting to shop it started to down pour, so we slipped into a shop and I was met with knock off purse heaven. They had Prada, Coach, Gucci, etc. and of course I had to indulge. I got a cute new brown Coach purse.
Next, we started to browse some jewelry shops which was just about every other shop on an entire block, but the rain wouldn't let up and to go from shop to shop we kept getting soaked. Considering we already had colds and afternoon spa appointments coming up back on the ship we decided to call it a day and head back to the port. It's a shame the weather wasn't better as we would've seen more of the island and probably even gone to enjoy the beach.
After we got back on the ship we went to the spa for our massages. A.R. got a hot stone massage (totally jealous!) while I got a Swedish massage. They wouldn't let me have a stone massage as it could possibly over stimulate me and cause preterm labor. :( Either way my massage was wonderful!


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