Monday, October 05, 2009

Day 5: Barbados

Our cruise ship: Adventure of the Seas
We woke up early on Day 5 in Barbados to snorkel and swim with sea turtles. After a hearty breakfast in the Windjammer Cafe (I think I had waffles with strawberries pretty much all 7 days on board the boat) we went portside to enjoy our day. It started off bright and sunny but the water was quite choppy. I started to feel queasy as soon as we got on the smaller boat (I was fine on the cruise ship), so I popped in a Preggie Pop Drop and was so relieved that it did the trick. Of course my darling husband was another story...
Before A.R.'s sea sickness kicked in
Our first stop on the snorkel excursion was swimming with sea turtles which was absolutely incredible. I actually got to pat one of them a couple times. A.R. was able to see them up close and personal until he just couldn't handle the water anymore. I finally found him back on the boat popping my Preggie Pop Drops like chocolate trying not to hurl over the side of the boat. He ended up eating all of the candies I had brought with me, so it's a good thing I was okay!! I wasn't supposed to tell anyone, so shhhh!
A.R. after the sea sickness kicks in...
Me snorkeling by the ship wrecks just before it rained.
The second snorkel stop was two ship wrecks off the shores of Barbados in a bay that used to be used to receive shipments and people before the pier was built. One of the wrecks was a tug boat and the other was a much older ship. A.R. was too queasy to get off the boat so I snorkeled alone as he took some pictures from the boat. About halfway through this stop it started to pour rain and our boat headed for the last stop of the day to a private beach. We spent our time there swimming in the rain in the bluest water you can imagine. If I hadn't been pregnant I would've been sipping some rum punch at the same time. :)
The sea turtles swimming with us
After our shore excursion was over, we headed back to the pier sopping wet and shivering and did some shopping. We ended up buying some souvenirs and even got a stuffed turtle for our little one. Then we got back on the boat and enjoyed a huge lunch and a nap. Overall, Barbados has beautiful beaches but I wasn't that impressed with the island. It was a lot like Nassau, Bahamas or any other plane Jane Caribbean island. That night on the cruise ship was 70s night and it began with a serenade by our dining room staff and then continued with a show on the Promenade deck complete with a tribute to the Village People which was funny stuff. Check out the video below and the hottie in the Indian suit on the left. :)
Our dining room staff sings for us
Can you tell which one is the virgin?


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