Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 7: Unexpected Day at Sea

On Wednesday evening it was brought to our attention that our cruise ship would not be docking in Antigua on Thursday as planned as the island was being hit by Tropical Storm Erica. Instead, we had been rerouted and planned to stop in Dominica. Our tour scheduled for Antigua was automatically cancelled and we signed up for river tubing in Dominica. I've heard it is beautiful there, so we were excited for the change in itinerary even though I had really wanted to see Antigua. On Thursday we woke up to stormy weather and the view outside our balcony despite the weather was beautiful. That view would be all we saw of Dominica as we slowly cruised past the island. The seas were too choppy for us to dock and we could see the waves were so high they were crashing over the pier where we would've walked to the shore. The ship's captain made an announcement that we would have a day at sea and the whole navigation crew was keeping a close eye on Tropical Storm Erica, but she had slowed down overnight stalling over part of the Southern Caribbean.
The shore of Dominica with the waves crashing up into the road.
The mountains of Dominica covered in clouds
Since it was rainy outside we mainly watched movies, went ice skating, browsed and shopped on the Promenade deck, scheduled our spa appointments for the next day, played air hockey in the arcade, and enjoyed watching the storms and waves from our private balcony. I had caught A.R.'s cold so it was nice to just rest and relax all day. That night we went to the ice show (which was pretty good!) before getting ready for the second formal night. Our stateroom attendant surprised us with rose petals on our cabin bed that night with a card congratulating us on our first anniversary which was really sweet. After dinner the storms really picked up...there was so much lightening the sky was constantly lighting up and loud claps of thunder. We watched them from awhile on our balcony before going to bed. I even took a video where you can here the thunder and the wind whipping around. The next day we were hoping the storms from the outskirts of the hurricane would pass so we could dock in St. Maarten.
The cast of the ice show onboard the cruise ship.
A surprise from our Cabin Steward
Bright and early the next day the captain made an announcement that we had sailed through wind gusts of up to 80 knots the night before and that the closets we got to Tropical Storm Erica was around 75 miles. Most of you remember another tropical storm that visited us on our wedding day...Tropical Storm Hanna. She hit on the way to our reception and the storm raged outside while the party went on inside the reception hall. That night back at the hotel they had lost power and were on generator power, so we ate leftovers from the reception by just the bathroom light watching the storm outside. It was so very romantic!! How fitting we had a visit by another tropical storm on our first anniversary. :)
2nd Formal Night
Cool Towel Monkey rocking our shades.


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