Friday, October 09, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

I have a very serious condition that is starting to affect my work, home life, and state of well being. It is called pregnancy brain or in other words can't. remember. sh*t. Some examples of this rare but completely curable condition (it lasts all of 9 months and is only experienced by pregnant women):

Example 1: A.R. and I commute to work together on the days he doesn't have class. One fine Tuesday evening I was waiting for him to call me to tell me to meet him down in the lobby when I looked at the clock as it turned from 5:15 to 5:30 and onward. I kept trying to call him and just kept getting his voicemail. Figuring he forgot to tell me about a late meeting I started to get annoyed. Then I was starting to get pissed as my stomach growled with hunger pains and my eyes were heavy with fatigue. I thought about sending him a mean email to call me ASAP when at 5:45pm I realized that I had driven myself to work and A.R. was in class right where he was supposed to be. Yup, I'm an idiot!

Example 2: A.R.'s birthday was the 29th and since we couldn't do anything during the week with his classes and Lily's kindergarten (more to come on that) I promised his mom I'd bring a cake over and we could celebrate during our normal weekly get-together on Sunday. Well, Sunday dawned all bright and sunny and we went to church and then to his mom's as usual. We were chatting with my brother and sister-in-law and cooing over their newest little one when it started to get uncomfortable. A.R.'s other brother had had back surgery so we decided to all drive up to their house a good 15 minutes further north and visit. When I got there my sister-in-law whispered in my ear and asked me if I got the cake. My response, "What cake?" Her all knowing gaze told the story as she pointed towards my husband. Frickity Frick! I forgot my own husband's birthday cake for his celebration. What an arse I felt like. Luckily, my other brother-in-law was still in the car so he stopped to pick one up to save the day (and my reputation with my mother-in-law!).

Example 3: I was meeting one of my bestest buds for dinner this past Tuesday and going to a restaurant that I used to frequent say maybe 2-3 times a month for happy hour or salad bar at lunch time when I worked in the area. While driving there I got the bright idea to call my mom to wish her a belated birthday and catch up. Big mistake. Within 10 minutes I was headed in the wrong direction, then I hit traffic and got the bright idea on how to bypass it by going a mere 30 minutes out of my way. I have no idea what I was thinking and where I was going. I'm lucky I didn't hurt an innocent driver on their commute home because I was so clueless. Note to self: obey the law and STOP talking on your cell phone while least while you are still pregnant and have only half a brain! :)

Example 4: I ran out of contact solution last night and needed to get more before I could go to bed tonight so I head to CVS. While there I think it's a good idea to get the two birthday cards I need for upcoming kids birthday parties and I see a fall wreath and table runner on sale that would look great on our front door and new dining room table. Oh, and I get some candy to fill up my bowl at work. Only when I'm in the car about to drive out of the parking lot do I realize I FORGOT the one thing I went there to buy. Contact solution. And so I parked again, went in, and actually got what I had gone there to get.

Be careful ladies...some day this condition could affect you, too!


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