Sunday, October 18, 2009

17 Weeks & Counting

It's been awhile since I posted about our bun in the oven so here's a little update...

As of today I'm 17 weeks along and feeling great despite tiring easily. I just can't hang with the big dogs (ah-hem my husband) and stay up past 10pm anymore. I used to be a night owl so it's been an adjustment for me. This week our little one is the size of an onion and growing fast. I can't believe how fast the time is going by and that I'm 3 weeks away from the half way mark (20 weeks).
16 week belly shot
After driving A.R. crazy with my indecisiveness and perusing hundreds of neutral crib bedding sets online we finally purchased one today. It ended up being the first crib bedding set we both liked from JC Penny over a month ago :). We're going with a frog and duck theme in greens and yellows.

A.R. actually found a furniture set online (Da Vinci Parker collection) that we both fell in love with. It's a honey finish and we plan on getting the crib changing table and dresser. Also, I think we decided on how we want to paint the nursery, but won't finalize the colors until we receive the bedding set to match them.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Babies R Us to walk around and see what we could see. We wanted to see if the crib we liked was on the show room floor and if they had one of the bedding sets there in person that we were interested in. I think we both walked out of there a little overwhelmed. It is so surreal that in 4 short months we'll be parents responsible for a teeny tiny human being that will fit into all those teeny tiny clothes and the strollers and carseats and baby swings.

We like this paint job, but most likely the stripes will be green and yellow...


Amanda said...

Very cute! I'm loving the bedding set and paint idea! I feel like it was just yesterday you told us you were expecting....17 weeks already?! :)

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