Thursday, August 27, 2009

VACATION or Bust! (and a wee baby)

A.R. and I are leaving tomorrow for our 1st anniversary trip...I am so excited it's finally here and I can't believe we've almost been married a year. I know I've been slacking at the blogging lately, but I have good reason. I'm experiencing the extreme exhaustion that comes along with the 1st Trimester of pregnancy. A.R. and I are expecting our first baby on March 28, 2009. Today we got to see our little one (about the size of a medium green olive) and hear the precious heartbeat for the first time.

My current new favorite picture:
And as for my To-Do Thursday, I barely read one magazine, but didn't do anything else this week...I barely got my darned suitcase packed! Here is my Top 5 To-Do's for this week:

1. Sleep
2. Swim in the ocean of the Virgin Islands
3. Snorkel with sea turtles
4. Eat like a pig on the cruise ship
5. Fight morning sickness and nausea like a champ (I haven't had much yet, knock on wood).
Until we return...


Anonymous said...

You're already gone, I'm sure, but have a great time!

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