Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top 5 To Do Thursday

Well, I didn't do so great with my list last week, but I have good reasons (excuses!) as to why which I'll get into in a later post. Let's see how I did...

Top 5 To Dos for last week:
1. Finish hemming the rest of my work pants (3 pairs) I haven't even touched them!
2. Finish the scrapbook for my Bachelorette party (that was well over a year ago now!) I haven't even touched it!
3. Sew at least one of the curtain panels for our purple guest room (Bonus: if I finish them both!) I can't start this project until I finish #1!
4. Mop the kitchen floor (yup, I've REALLY been slacking!) Check. I mopped the kitchen and all the bathrooms (does that give me extra credit?)
5. Read one of the magazines in the stack that is piling up in my coffee table cubby hole and recycle when finished Check. I actually read and recycled 3 magazines.

New Top 5 To Do List for this week:
1. Read two magazines from the coffee table stash
2. Finish hemming the 3 pairs of work pants collecting dust in my spare bedroom/sewing room.
3. Finish my Bachelorette scrapbook.
4. Start sewing the purple curtains for the guest room.
5. Scan the pictures I borrowed from my Aunt of our family and my grandmother as a young woman so I can bring them back to her.


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