Thursday, August 06, 2009

Top 5 To Do Thursday

I've been rather lazy lately and need to really start checking things off of my to-do list, so I'm going to post a list here for this week and report back next week on how many items I check off and how things go. If it works, I'll make it a habit and maybe, just maybe, I'll get things actually done for a change.

Top 5 To Dos for this week:

1. Finish hemming the rest of my work pants (3 pairs)
2. Finish the scrapbook for my Bachelorette party (that was well over a year ago now!)
3. Sew at least one of the curtain panels for our purple guest room (Bonus: if I finish them both!)
4. Mop the kitchen floor (yup, I've REALLY been slacking!)
5. Read one of the magazines in the stack that is piling up in my coffee table cubby hole and recycle when finished

Wish me luck!


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