Monday, July 06, 2009

CT Wine Trail

A.R. and I both enjoy a nice glass of wine. Early on in our relationship we used to pack a picnic lunch, Tomas (when he was a teeny pup), program the wineries in our GPS, and then tour the Connecticut countryside tasting wines produced in our own state. Our state has something called the Connecticut Wine Trail. Each year there is a contest where you can win a trip to Italy to go wine tasting. The wineries participate on the trail and you are issued a passport that you can get stamped after you visit each winery. After 14 stamps you can submit it into the contest to win the trip.
J, R, me, & A.R. at Hopkins Winery
Completing the wine trail is fun. You learn about wine, different types of grapes and other fruits used to make wines, aging, fermentation, and you get to drive the beautiful Connecticut countryside while tasting what Connecticut has to offer. Many of the wineries have won awards for their wines and sell them at liquor stores throughout Connecticut. For a minimal fee you typically get to taste 6 or more wines and keep the glass you tasted with. There are festivals in the summer where you can enjoy local wines, food, art, and music. In June, A.R. and I went to 4 wineries with two friends of ours and had a fabulous time. One of our favorite wineries is Hopkins. Their wine is delicious and the view from the property is gorgeous.
A.R. & I learning about wine at Haight-Brown Winery
So, if you're ever in Connecticut check out the wine trail. It's too long to do all in one day, but we easily do 4 wineries in an afternoon.



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