Friday, July 24, 2009

Cruise Docs are HERE!

Our cruise documents are here! Our cruise documents are here! I'm so excited that our vacation (and our anniversary) are coming up so soon. It always feels more real once the cruise docs arrive like the countdown has officially begun. For those of you who have never cruised before...shortly before your cruise is scheduled to disembark from the port you get a package in the mail with your cruise documents (boarding info, luggage tags, port info & detailed itinerary, etc.) for your trip.

We actually leave for our cruise the weekend before our anniversary and get home on our 1st anniversary. I can't believe that a year has almost gone by since our wedding...time really does fly by when you are having fun. (yes, I'm cheesy) I'm so ready for our vacation now, too.

Typically when our cruise docs arrive we'll wait until we are both home to open them together and get that giddy excitement worked up between us. This time I was out to dinner with a friend and Alexi couldn't resist temptation. I got home to find a large manila envelope on the counter upside down. I flipped it over and saw the return address and immediately knew what it was. I double checked to make sure the envelope was indeed empty. It was! I raced to the stairs to find a very guilt ridden Alexi staring down at me denying he opened them without me. He quickly changed his tune to saying he wanted to surprise me. Then we looked them over. Gosh I love cruising.


Anonymous said...

Where are you guys going?

Heather R. said...

The end of August on a 7 day cruise.

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