Thursday, July 16, 2009

45 Days

That is all that's left until A.R. and I are sailing the clear blue seas once again to celebrate our first anniversary. We booked this cruise a few months ago when the prices were dirt cheap and still ended up getting a free upgrade to a junior suite last month when the prices fell again. Check out The Cruise Outlet if you are interested in finding a cruise for yourself at a great deal.
Our itinerary

We both LOVE cruising and being out in the open ocean. Prior to boarding the boat we will be spending a day and a half in Puerto Rico to visit A.R.'s family and site seeing on the island most of his family has called home for years. Once we board the boat it is off to the clear blue seas for a week in the Virgin Islands. I'm most looking forward to the tours that involve swimming with sea turtles and riding an ATV. My favorite part of cruising is standing out on our private balcony at night just watching the waves crash against the boat as we slide through the water with the moon bright in the sky and glowing off the water. Not to mention the never ending ocean and sky, food, and ping pong tournaments we established on our honeymoon cruise. We even have a ping pong table now in our basement so I can improve my skills (or lack thereof) and finally beat Alexi one of these days.

I can't beleive our anniversary is coming up so quickly. At this time last year I was a bundle of nerves before my bridal shower (7-19-08) as my Matron of Honor, mother, and sister arrived in town and I was living with my sister-in-law as our house was merely a cement slab with some matchsticks placed on top. For both of us, this trip is almost a little bittersweet. We love taking cruises, but we also really want children and this trip will most likely be our last sans children and our last major vacation (outside of long weekends and get-a-ways by car) for awhile. It's a happy bittersweet, though, and I know we will cherish every moment of our time together as we look forward to what the future brings our little family. I just hope Tomas, Lily, and Sebastian are ready for the challenge!



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