Monday, August 15, 2011

Something Blue by Emily Giffin

This book wasn't actually a bookclub selection, but I read it anyway after reading the first book, Something Borrowed.  I hate to admit it, but I love me a juicy chick lit book every now and then and this one filled that craving as anticipated.  The first book in the series was from the point of view of best friend, Rachel, while the second book was from the point of view of best friend, Darcy.  The book did not end as I thought it would, but it did end in the all warm and fuzzy feeling way a chick lit book should.  At least that is my opinion...popular or not. :)  And seriously, I would totally love to try living in another country and starting all over again after reading this book.  What an adventure it would be! 

If you need a quick read and want to get your fill of some juicy chick time (think Lifetime Movie), this book is for you.  Put on those fuzzy bunny slippers, curl up in your bathrobe, grab some dark chocolate and enjoy.


Mary said...

Ok, so I read an excerpt of this book at the end of Something Borrowed, but I decided not to read this book b/c I didn't like Darcy, at least not in Something Borrowed. But reading your review, maybe I will give it a try!

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