Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Month Old

If you are a mom you've heard the cliche over and over again to enjoy your children while they are young/little because they will grow so fast. As annoying as it can be to hear this over and over again, it is oh. so. true! Mariela turned a month old this past Sunday (April 25th) and boy did that month fly by. She has changed so much in that month, too. That newborn baby look has faded and she now looks like a baby complete with chubby cheeks, roly poly thighs, and a baby pot belly. She now smiles at us socially and has started to coo. Her awake times are getting longer and she takes great delight in staring at her mobile on her bouncy seat and having some tummy time each day. Her head control is very good for her age and she actually lifts her head up all the way during tummy time.This past weekend we took Mariela for her first long car ride (an hour and a half each way) to meet her Great Grandmother. I've never seen my grandmother so enamored and so completely in awe of something so tiny. It was really hard to leave and pry our daughter out of her loving arms. I'll never forget the tears of joy in her eyes as she touched Mariela's nose, ears, hair, and stroked her tiny hands and explored every inch of her.
We scheduled Mariela's baptism for June 27th and have finally chosen her Godparents. My older brother, Pete, and our sister-in-law, Marisol, are going to be her loving Godparents. I'm so glad that my brother is able to take a part in such an important role in her life as I wasn't sure he'd be allowed to. We are baptizing Mariela Catholic and my brother is Christian, but not Catholic. Luckily, my church allows one of the Godparents to be considered a Christian witness while the other must be a practicing Catholic. My sister-in-law is a practicing Catholic and we're very close, so I'm really glad she said yes when I asked her.


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