Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 Things Tuesday

I haven't had much time to post while caring for our little girl as she's keeping me busy. I can't believe how fast she is growing already, the hard work is totally worth it when you see that milky grin after a late night nursing session. Mariela even giggles in her sleep and it melts my heart every time I hear her happy. While she's napping and I actually have two hands free I'm going to share ten things I've learned so far since becoming a Mom. Warning: poop and other bodily functions mentioned. 10 Things I've learned Since Becoming A Mom:

10. Baby poop really does look like mustard in a breast fed baby. Not only that, projectile isn't just for vomit, it applies to poop, too. Just ask A.R! He was changing her diaper and got suprised by some projectile poop that covered the changing table and even hit the wall and started to drip down. I laughed, he yelped for help.

9. I've relearned how to type one-handed...darn that formal typing class in middle school...and it isn't easy with a baby snoozing in your other arm.

8. Breast feeding is the hardest, most rewarding, time consuming, and natural part of caring for my daughter. It hurts in the beginning, to the point that I was in tears several times in the first week as my nipples got toughened up. But, once you and baby learn to work together...it comes naturally and I love sharing those special moments with her while feeding her the best possible food a newborn can receive.

7. My right boob produces less than my left and at first I thought it was defective. I have no idea why it produces less (maybe because I sleep on my right side??), but it is actually smaller than my left as well. I only know that it is producing less because I started pumping to build a freezer stash of milk for when I go back to work for Mariela in case my supply tanks. I started to freak out when I saw how little I was able to get while pumping from that side until I checked with my online breastfeeding chat room and found that it is normal for one breast to produce differently than the other.

6. Don't forget the diaper bag at home. Enough said.

5. A new mom really does forget the pains of labor once her little one is in her arms. A.R. and I have already discussed and set a time frame on when we plan on starting to try for baby #2. At first, I thought we were just delirious from the sleep deprivation to even have that conversation (I wasn't even the one to bring it up!). Now, I'm looking forward to expanding our family again.

4. If one more person tells me to sleep while the baby sleeps I'll go postal. Sleep deprivation is a funny thing, you actually get used to the half awake daze and it doesn't seem so bad after the 2nd or 3rd week. I DO nap when Mariela does in the early morning, but if I slept everytime she did I wouldn't get anything done including feeding myself.

3. Carrying a baby around is great for your arm and back muscles. Seriously...I don't think I need to worry about buying arm weights for my home gym!

2. Holding your little one in your arms while they snuggle up to you and sleep is the BEST feeling in the world and I can't stop kissing my daughter...on her chubby cheeks, her forehead, her nose, or on her tiny hands.

1. When your little one smiles at you the first time, it WILL melt your heart. I promise.


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