Saturday, June 04, 2011

Come a knockin'

After 2 1/2 years in our beautiful home, we have slowly begun to make small improvements (3 rooms have paint now!  Well, really 2 rooms and a 1/4- more to come on that) and changes to make it ours.  The latest change was something I've been wanting since our first Spring in our home when it would've been wonderful to have a cross breeze from the front porch into the kitchn.  We finally ordered and installed a screen door!

A.R. and I picked out a door we liked at Home Depot after doing a lot of window shopping and finally custon ordered it when our tax return from Uncle Sam made its appearance.  Ordering it was the easy part.  Having the time to actually install it was the tricky part.  I think it sat in our garage for a good month before A.R. attempted to put it up!  He was determined to do it himself and not ask his brothers for help.  It probably took him a little bit longer than planned (a full week), but it is installed and works great.  He even took the time to spray paint two air spring closures hunter green to match the door and installed them so that it self-closes (a must with dogs and children ready to escape in an instant).
Checking out the new door on tippy toes!
Our dogs and M all love looking out the door now when it's open, but they haven't stayed there long enough for me to snag a photo.  Yet! :)


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