Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nails in the wall!

Finally, we put some nail holes in our Family Room wall. I think both A.R. and I have been procrastinating in putting the first nail holes in the sheetrock in our Family Room. We weren't quite sure what we wanted to do as far as wall decor (besides the flat panel TV we intend to put above our fireplace) and never really found a print that we had to have. FINALLY, after a year and a half in our new home we bit the bullet and actually put 11 nail holes in our Family Room wall. ::Gasp!:: I had wanted to put a photo collage up one of our stair wells with family photos, but after picturing it in my mind I changed my mind and decided to put the collage in our Family Room instead. The focal point?! Our 1st family photo with Mariela in our arms.
Our photo collage (with 2 pics missing still)
Under the photo collage, I plan on putting a bench with storage that can double as extra seating when we have guests over and storage for baby toys. Something like this or this is what I have in mind. A.R. wants new couches for our Family Room, so I want to wait a bit longer to see what he has in mind before we invest in a bench. The walls in our Family Room will be painted Plateau by Behr Premium Plus Ultra except for the wall with the fireplace which we plan on painting a darker shade of brown as a focal point in Macchiato by Behr Premium Ultra Plus.


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