Friday, August 27, 2010

5 Months Old (Young)

It's been 5 months since I met my beautiful daughter and my how the time has flown by. I absolutely love being your mother, Mariela. I tear up with pride at each of your new accomplishments (yes dear, your mom is a total sap!) and look forward to watching you absorb the world around you. I fear you're going to grow up too fast, so I am cherishing every moment with you. I've waited so long to be your mom and I know in the blink of an eye you will be a young woman ready to go out into the world and have a family of your own.
You said "Mama" this past Monday for the first time ever and while I know you are just practicing your sounds and don't quite realize that I AM your "Mama", it melted my heart. I still gloat to your Papa that you said my name first. Of course I do say it to you all.the.time, but we won't get into such details. When you wake up in the mornings and whisper "Mamamama" into your video monitor I smile. You are the best alarm clock a gal could hope for.
I'm a little jealous at your suck on your big toes now. Both of them. At the same time. You also fall asleep happy and wake up happy and go with the flow wherever your Dad or I take you. Your smile is infectious and stops random strangers in public. We can't go anywhere without you at least charming one stranger. You have such a bubbly personality.
You laugh. Hard. It's a deep belly laugh with squeals and coos and I tear up every time I hear it (nobody ever told me I'd be so full of pride that I'd still cry so easily 5 months postpartum- it's gotta still be extra hormones, right?!). You laugh the most for your Papa when he plays peek-a-boo with you. You adore him and light up with a smile whenever he walks in the room. You get frustrated now with your toys. You want to learn and explore so much that you feel trapped in your body sometimes and grunt and whine at your displeasure when your toys don't cooperate with what your mind wants. I love to watch you think and figure things out. You've started rolling a little more now, but you prefer just to play on your back or side or have Mama or Papa hold you in a sitting or standing position.

You love your sleep. Thank. God. You go down for the night now between 7 and 8pm and sleep straight through with a brief fussy spot once in the middle of the night to have your paci put back in your mouth (which by the way, you can do yourself now- just a thought). On the weekends after your morning nursing you play in bed with Mom & Dad until you fall back asleep and then we all take a nap. I cherish these moments. We are a family now. Happy 5 months birthday M. You'll always be my baby girl.


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