Saturday, January 07, 2012

2011 A Year in Photos

January- Snow, snow, and yet more snow!

February- My other loves you don't hear so much about these days.  My beautiful Lily and handsome Tomas.  It's a good thing Lily is so pretty as she is so pushy. Typical woman.

March- A first birthday to remember.

April- Easter and walking!

May- Flowers in bloom and a super hot Memorial Day with a swim

I'm not impressed parental units.
June- My first 5k

July- Fireworks!

August- Cruising the clear blue seas once again.

September- Mariela is going to be a big sister and 1st pony rides!

October- A freak snow storm that knocked our power out for a week and cancelled Halloween.

Trying to keep warm by the fire at night

Pretty much every street looked like this
November- Thankful for M's cousins and how they all play together.  Not pictured is the youngest, C, who didn't do stairs until a few days later...HA!

December- A visit to NYC with my big brother, A.R. and M


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