Thursday, November 04, 2010

Happy Belated Halloween!

Halloween isn't a favorite holiday of mine, but I have to admit this year was fun since I got to dress up M. A.R. and I ended up dressing up, too. He dressed up as a hotdog to play a joke on one of his older brothers after another brother (have I mentioned he is the youngest of 4 boys??) dragged it out of our nephew what his Papa was going to be for Halloween. Turns out my nephew was wrong, but the costumes still worked. He said that his Papa was dressing as a hotdog and all he did was brag about the great costume he had, so A.R. and his brother went to buy the same one. Well, his brother actually dressed as ketchup and his wife was mustard so when A.R. and his other brother showed up as hotdogs they looked cute together! I dressed up as a cow sort of as a joke since I'm the sole milk provider for M still. :) M was the most adorable 50s girl in her poodle skirt.
The same nephew mentioned above was born on Halloween and turned 5 this year. Every year we go to his birthday party and all the cousins that are old enough go trick-or-treating together after eating his birthday cake. This year it was fun that we could actually join in the festivities a bit more having a costume for M. She even got a party goody bag all her own! We didn't take her trick-or-treating because it was too cold out, but next year we will take her around our neighborhood before heading over to my nephew's birthday party.
I think next year we'll also coordinate our costumes as a family...just the three of us. We shall see what we come up with...


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