Sunday, October 24, 2010

Half Way to a Year

This post is rediculously late- ah, the joys of being a working mom- but I wanted to post it now that I have M's pro photos uploaded to our computer AND considering she turns 7 months old tomorrow!
Happy Belated 1/2 birthday to my baby girl! It's hard to believe that 6 months ago you were kicking my bladder from the inside and now you just kick and grab everything. You are such a happy baby and bring joy to everyone who meets you. When we are out in public we get no less than three comments about how happy/beautiful/smiley you are from strangers every. single. time. A few people have even thanked us for letting them interact with you as you brightened their days. One older woman still sticks out to me...we ran into her at Target while I had you in the Baby Bjorn facing outward. She saw you kicking and smiling as we did our shopping and started talking to you, so I stopped to indulge her (if I stop to indulge every person- we'd never get our errands done!). You hammed it up for her and she thanked me for taking the time to let her talk to you. She said she had been having a bad day until she saw your beautiful smile and you cheered her up. I hope you always make people smile and brighten their day.
At six months you can roll both ways, but prefer to be sitting up or on your back, so you can play lying on your side. Right now we have to sit you up as you can't do it yourself and you whine if you don't get your way! You hate to be on your stomach and loathe tummy time. I make you do tummy time anyway, so hopefully someday you'll learn to crawl! When you are reclined or on your back you ALWAYS cross your ankles. So dainty. You've started on solid foods and really love sweet potatoes and pumpkin. When I put you in your highchair and put your bib on you get excited and wave your arms in the air and open your mouth like a little birdy for your food. :)
Your favorite toy is your Sophie the Giraffe. Everytime you see her, you smile. You also like in the tags on every single toy/blanket/bib/doll you own. Sometimes, I think you like the tags more than the toy itself! You'll suck on them and rub them for hours. At night you sleep with a silkie and prefer to have it touching your cheek. Hopefully, someday it will make weaning you from your pacifier easier. At your 6 month appointment you weighed 16 lb 11 oz and were 27 1/4 inches...long and lean like your Papa. Your height is off the charts!
Your Dad and I are completely in love with you and are so thankful to have you in our lives. Not a day goes by that we don't stare at you in awe. We can't imagine our lives without you and look forward to watching you grow, learn, and develop into a young women. Take your time baby girl...the world will be there waiting.


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