Thursday, May 13, 2010

Operation Garden 2010- Update 1

We have some progress on the garden front! A.R. spoke with the town and got permission to plant in the wetlands that are on our property, so his Dad and him have been clearing out an area and getting it ready to till. First, they had to mow it short with a lawn mower several times and then rake the grass away. When they attempted to till the soil the grass roots were too deep, so now they are tearing out the turf and roots with pitch forks and discarding it before they attempt to use a rotatiller again. After the tilling is done we'll put up the deer fence and then I can plant my seedlings.

My seedlings have all sprouted and are growing indoors until the weather gets a bit warmer. We've had a cold spell recently, so I've delayed transitioning them outdoors until it gets warmer again. Once it's warm again I'll move the seedlings to the porch for a week before planting them in the ground. The watermelon and carrot seeds will be planted directly in the ground.


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