Sunday, September 16, 2012

Meeting Great Grammie

This post is long over due.  Heck, any post at this point is long over due.  I think of so many things I'd love to share on my blog and by the time I get a second to post I think it's too late and nobody will care.  Since this is also sort of a diary for me to look back on, I'm going to share this family moment with you all even though it happened a couple of months ago on July 7th.  There is just something about my little ones meeting their Great Grammie for the first time that makes me smile.  Not just a superficial one, but deep down inside my heart.  We are so very lucky she is still with us at the amazing age of 93 (and still walks 2 miles every day!).  Without further adieu, I'll let the picture do the talking...she was in awe of her first Great Grandson (as are we).  M took great delight in introducing them and showing "Gate Gammie" all about "baby Ebin".


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