Thursday, July 15, 2010

One year ago today.,..

This is what A.R. and I were staring at on that Wednesday evening one year ago from today. Giddy with excitement at what was to be, yet terrified of the adventure we were about to embark on. Would we be good parents? Was the baby a boy or a girl? Who would s/he be most like in looks and personality? Would s/he think we were good parents and love us? What would it be like to hold her in our arms?
Parenthood is a gift and one I'll cherish always. It's a lot of work, but a different kind. One that comes with much reward for little expense (well, unless you count the cost of diapers :P). I love being a mom and I still stare at our little girl in awe to think that she was made by the teeny, tinyest cell from me and the teeny, tinyest cell from A.R. What a miracle she is...and oh. so. perfect. In my eyes she'll always be my baby girl even when she's taller than me and running off with boys or finding her way in college. I get it now, Mom. Thank you.


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